Ugbokhare is a small village located in the northern part of Esan central local government, Irrua[1] in Edo State, Nigeria ugbokhare is politically zoned under ward four(4). Ugbokhare is about 20 to 30 minutes from the local government head quarters by car. Ugbokhare is surrounded by the villages of Udowo, Ewu, Ivue and Ibore. ugbokhare has agood landscape and vegetations these sites are called akhala, oke and itezi parts of these sites are used for farming by the ugbokhare people.

According to history ugbokhare people origin is traced back to another village called Otuo. In the 14th to 15 century three brothers namely Uzebu, Eneghi and Edomae were said to have migrated from Otuo to farm on this land which is now known as the land of Ugbokhare. As time went on they decided to build hurts close to their various farm lands, but later refused to go back home.

Instead of returning to their village after farming season they decided to settle by bringing their various families down to this farm land for final settlement and people who saw and heard what these brothers Uzebu, Eneghi and Edomaehave done said to one another look “ugbo-khayo-are” which means they said they came to farm, this was how the name ugbokhare came into existence and these three brothers never returned home.

Ugbokhare has a primary health center which is located beside the saint patrick catholic church, also there is availability of pipe bore water constructed from the ibore water board,good road and market place which is opened on five(5) days interval.ugbokhare water supply is supported by a borrowed pit which was dug at the construction of the major road and the locally construcked lake (omi) which is renovated yearly by the youths (egbonughe).

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